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Time - 11:59 AM, 04-07-2019 Location - Fort Worth, TX

The UTMH Dedication Ceremony & Banquette

March 4th is a very special day in the history of our Order. This day celebrates moving from one season into the next. Moving forth... As in moving forward or moving onward. There are too many circumstances and situations that have held us back for so long that we have grown tired of recounting them and complaining about these atrocities and institutionalization of thought processes and ill-treatment.

It is time to move on. It is time to operate in a manner that helps in the healing process so that we become better and better people and therefore better and better networking partners.

And in this light, we are dedicating this order to the re-establishment of the family unit based on a man, his wife, and their child and children. We are getting back to what the ancients called "Family." And taking pointers from our ancestors, we are dedicating our works and our blood to the Most High by and through one another.

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Time - 12:01 PM, 04-07-2018 Location - Fort Worth, TX

From Childhood Into Adulthood: Raising Master Minds

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Time - 12:00 PM, 04-07-2019 Location - Fort Worth, TX

The Universal Temple of the Most High Grand Opening

About Us

As the exact nature of the Institution of Adulthood is indeed unknown to you, it is deemed advisable that before signing the attached petition you should be informed on certain phases of that


We are dedicated to taking a good man and a good woman and making them better. If you would like to know more, contact us.


Universal Temple of the Most High

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